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Pet Of The Week!

Follow Us On Tumblr!

Hey all, We started a blog on Tumblr recently. Feel free to follow us! [link]/

Dog Brownie

Another funny commercial

Never Say No To Panda

Advertising for Panda Cheese (doesn't actually contain panda milk!).

Oh This Looks Tasty...!

I absolutely hate seafood but this CAKE I would eat!! Nicely done Karen!

Add A Breed!

Perhaps this is silly and as old as the hills, but I think it can be fun anyway. The idea is simple: just write a cat or dog breed using the last letter of the previous word...

Garfield Really Exists?

Garfield found in real?.. I got this pic in an e-mail. Some people make fun of it saying they've found real Garfield, but I feel pity for this poor overweight cat.

Signing Online Petitions

Hey guys, Do you think that signing online petitions (about animal care) makes sense at all? I'm asking because I sign them from time to time, but their amount always amazed...

Timon And Pumba In Real Life

Do you remember the Disney cartoon " The lion king" with Timon and Pumba? Someone caught them on a picture in real life. They really exist! TAKE A LOOK HERE ( could someone...

Doggy Hell [Humour | Vid]

An oldy but a goody, hope they don't remove it (most family guy gets removed after a while)

Macro Photos Of Ants (By Me)

Well, ants aren't really animals but I just wanted to share with you some pics I took this weekend. In fact, I've never captured ants so closely! Love macro photography. ...

Aquarium Relaxation

Turn off other sounds, made it full screen and... enjoy.

Mobile Site

Hi, just wanted to ask if there is a mobile site already created for mysmelly as it be great to browse while out and about.

Animal Homeopathy

Hello my name is Edith, nice site you have here I was wondering if any one has ever tried homeopathy on your animal. I have a cat who is extremely scared and shy and I heard...

Mysmelly Videos

Here we go: Now MySmelly has got YouTube channel and we're going to post some nice videos out there. This is the first one! Enjoy!

Riddle: Alive Without Breath

Hi all! I've come across this one in the net. Can you solve the riddle? Alive without breath, As cold as death; Never thirsty, ever drinking, All in mail never clinking. Who...
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