Let me get used to this format!

Looks great, guys! So peaceful and colourish!
Thanks!!! So glad you like it, I'm really in love with it myself Emotion: love
This site is kind of Punky's baby... hehe. I do like it too, very much!
Punky's baby? How about TCP? Is it all grown up? Hehehe

Can't wait to see the updates of the rest of the forums!!!
Punky's lots of babies! Emotion: wink hehe
I like the color very much , Green format ..... cool , and also the header picture , i hope it changes with exciting new pictures occationally.. well atleast we can change in world animal day , World Animal Day is celebrated each year on 4 October.
Thanks for adding new tabs "meet people " and "Events " Emotion: rock

can i suggest something else ?

what about adding a part that contains famous zoo's in the world and some rare species found in that parks and also the myth's and stories like that Emotion: big smile....
Cool, I could add the Aquarium I work for..it's not like a zoo, but not so different after all Emotion: big smile
Great idea, there is lots to be done but we'll get there one day Emotion: dance