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Either you want the cat or you don't. I'm really getting sick ofthis crap.

Mary, by all means, killfile me as I have just killfiled you. You are the stereotype "crazy cat lady." The one everybody envisions..the lonely, nasty, rude, perhaps hygenically-impaired, newspaper-collecting cat-lady. ***GOODBYE!*** I will see none of your responses.

Meanwhile, you got a lot of other responses, Mitch. Lots of nice people here gave you the benefit of the doubt, and more. I look forward to your responses. I never killfile. It shows a lack of self discipline.
Now then, I'm off to my bi-yearly bath. I've been cataloging my newspaper collection, and you know how messy that can be. Of course, it usually doesn't matter, since I live alone and never see anyone except when I venture out to get my food stamps. Got to feed the kitties, you know ... cackle cackle cackle ..