Help. My English Mastiff is having a problem between accomplishing a flight of steps AND, hopping in and out of the van. I have a Caravan with a sliding door. Gus is getting confused on how to CLIMB IN.(he used to hop in)... Just lately now, he's HOPPING up the 7 steps to get in our living area, instead of CLIMBING up the steps. It's like he's reversed these 2 tasks. He weighs 180 pounds. I'm afraid of him hurting himself. He's 9 yrs old. He's always been a frightened dog. Anything scares him. NOW, a flight of steps, just terrorizes him. Hope someone out there has had a similar problem and can give me good advisce. I use the same commands that I've always used in the past. Cindy
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have you had him vet checked,at 9 years old and a large breed i would consider his joints,what about a dog ramp for the van???
He could also be having some vision problems.
your right celeste it could be absolutly anything hence my first question about the vet check.
I completely agree that he needs seen by a vet. It's awful when they don't feel well and have problems and you can't tell what's wrong.

Never put dogs on ramps as they will fall of. Pick them up and put them in yoursel like my owner does, you see that is because I am a show dog.
How is it that you must go on so Jerry with all your jerrymandering!
Get a new van already and stop whining or do you want some cheese to go with all that whining?
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