Hi. I have a lab mix who is about 12 or 13 years old. She is a really great dog and does not have a history of wetting on the carpet. However, for the past couple of months maybe more she has been wetting on the living room carpet. During the day ew leave her in the garage because there is a doggy door in there. At night we aer all home and she goes outside every hour. In the middle of the night we let her out as well. But she is still going on a daily basis on the carpet. What can I do!!
Thank you
Little B
What can I do!!
Get her to a veterinarian immediately. It sounds like she has an infection.
If your dog has been licking her privet area excessively she definitely has something going on. Has she peed in front of you? If so did she sniff out the place and squat or did she just start urinating and squatted as a result of starting to pee. In any event the dog needs to see a vet, any unusual behavior that is not followed by a change in her environment needs to be checked out. Kidney stones, bladder stones, kidney or bladder infection, incontinence if the dog is spayed, utterly infection if the dog isn't spayed, tumor, and a whole book of other things that could be the cause for a house broken dog to start urinating in the house.

All these things need to be watched for in older dogs who can develop health problems that if left unchecked cause the dogs life span to be shortened and uncomfortable.