Another question: wanted to know how often you should feed them oranges? And above all, with or without the orange peel? I can't imagine them peeling off the shell in nature.
I've read you can feed oranges rarely, how rare is rarely?
It just that I wanted to try it out, since I have never fed oranges before. Lady Aurora Emotion: star
I don;t feed oranges, my friend does sometimes feed organic oranges and she leaves the peel. Any other orange i;d remove the peel because they;ll have been treated with pesticides. Do it only rarely if you have to at all.
I wouldn't feed oranges, too much acid in them?
Thank you for replies, I hope more will give a definite answer Emotion: smile LadyAuroraEmotion: star
How about bananas? Do you give it as rarely as oranges?
I usually give them only once every 4-5 weeks because I'm scared they're too "sweet"
you should give them lettuce its actually a myth that bunnys like carrots