Hi everyone!

Today I stumbled upon this article and I'm absolutely amazed! Have you heard about Oscar before?

I've heard about in a Russian TV show about mysterious and unexplained abilities of cats a couple of years ago. An amazing cat, indeed.
Hmm. Perhaps that cat is just looking for warmth...human bodies give off more warmth before they die. Just a thought.
I don't know... this is how they explained the phenomenon:

He [Dr Dosa] suggests Oscar is able - like dogs, which can reportedly smell cancer - to detect ketones, the distinctly-odoured biochemicals given off by dying cells.

We can only guess I guess!
At least he's not blamed that HE brings death as he comes...
Wow, I've never heard of him before, how interesting! Thanks for sharing the article, Janis. It's always nice to learn something new (and unexplained) about cats.