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Raccoon Vs. Tortoise?

I have a Russian tortoise and am planning to build an out door enclosure. it gets quite warm in Simi Valley, and we have seen many raccoons around. will my tortoise be safe with...

Hammie Food?

what if my hamster does not like eating the fruits and vedgies?

Doing Project?

hi every one , im doing a project on recycling and is wondering if any of you guys know this. what effects does not recycling have on animals? and what does it have on animals...

Lost Hamster?

Our little Syrian hamster Olfa escaped from his cage on Wednesday night, he's been gone for five days. I have followed all the advice I have found online but no luck, I have...

Ball Python?

I have a baby ball python that I just got and is sitting on top of its hide under the heat lamp for long periods of time. Have never seen this behavior in a ball python before...

Hedgehog Boat

What The Hell Do Ya Do If Your Red Tail...

I always feed my 7ft columbian redtail boa the same way every time I feed him! I take him out an put him on the floor on a absorbance pad (like a pee pad for potty training dogs...

Why Do People Say Not?

why do people say not to buy micro pigs as pets?

If I Feed My Snake?

If I feed my snake something to big and he kills is then what do I have to do was the food just a wast or what??

Iguana Mafia?

Is this story still in progress? I found an old 2005 email draft I never sent to the author the of the Iguana Mafia story informing him/her that I was harboring the entire North...

What Do You Feed A?

what do you feed a baby fence lizard? how long do they live in captivity?

Answer Me?

How many bones do anaconda have?

Pet Mouse .

how long do a pet mouse sleep every day ?

African Dwarf Frogs?

I have4 african dwarf frogs. Recently these small insects keep appearing, it doesn't matter how many times their tank is cleaned, they still keep appearing. There can be up to...

What Dog Is Best With?

what dog is best with a bearded dragon
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