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Can I Use A Bed?

can i use a bed warmer heating pad on a low setting for under my geckos plastic cage as a heat source. please reply asap thanks.

Small Harmless Animals?

small harmless animals

Dumpy Frog?

my dumpy frog is losing weight rapidly and it has plenty of live crickets and meal worms I just don't know what to do for it if anything Help any suggestions I dont know what...

Does Roundup Keep Snakes Away?

does roundup keep snakes away

How Many Micro Pigs Are?

how many micro pigs are sold in a week

My Cat Had Kittens This?

My cat had kittens this morning there not moving alout only way I can tell ther alive is that there breathing

My Smelly?

my niece bought a baby corn snake (thinking it was nice) but soon after getting it she gave the lil creature a fright (woke it up) and it bit her, since then i've been looking...

What Is This?

Saw this on facebook, what is it?


Do ferrets purr

Feeding Ball Python?

Hello, I'm a first time snake owner I have a female Ball python, she was about 20 inches long when I bought her and was about 3 months old. I've had her for about 3 weeks now...

Boa Not Eating?

Hi I have a 3 yr female red tail boa that's 7 feet. She has always eaten F/T rats regularly with no problems. A few months ago, she started refusing rats and I can't figure out...

Ball Python Escaped Help!!?

It has been 22 hours now that my 2 year old ball python has been missing. Im freaking out! I would take my Izzy out for a few hours every day. He usually just slithers down his...

My Chameleons Left Eye Won't?

My chameleons left eye won't open it been like this for 2 day I'm really scared and it's wrinkly around its eye what should I do I'm really really scared and when it looks down...

Are Domestic Short Hair Cats?

are domestic short hair cats in danger?

Strange Poop/ Mystery Substance?

My leopard gecko is 4-6 months old and I've just now noticed something strange. After I fed my gecko a little while I noticed that surrounding his normal was a large amount of...
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