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My Red Tail Has Not?

my red tail has not eaten in about 4 months, it is now spring and things are warming up and it basks under its light,drinks,and is moving fine. it still dosent seem interested...

Brown Mould On Green Tree Python?

We have had our green tree python for 3 years. he is usually well and happy. We live in Papua New Guinea, and he's in a glass tank, the temp and humidity of which is exactly the...

Reptile Pet?

Hi all i want a pet reptile because my mum is allergic to fur. I am a complete beginner to reptiles but have had other pets before. I want one that is interactive and is tame...

Seagull Care?

How do you take care of a seagull!?!

Horse Names Please?

We are getting a little girl horse in two weeks and have not found a good name yet. She is white with a few black patches and she is a gypsy vanner. Sorry but no pic. She is an...

Help! How Many Cat Breeds?

help! How many cat breeds are there

My Ball Python Bit Me?

my ball python bit me today, out of the blue, i gave him a bath to help shed his skin, but sirst he bit me when i took him out the tank. why he do this?

Difference In Size Of Tea?

Difference in size of tea cup/micro and a pot belly pig?

Baby Corn Snake Got Out?

my baby corn snake got out last night when I was sleep and I cant find him I've look all over my room and we have 2 dogs in the house please help it my first snake ???!!!

Help My Baby Corn Snake Got Out?

I've look all over my bedroom but I can't find it and we have 2 dogs in the house please find I don't know what to do it my first snake

What Pet Sounds Like It'd Fit This?

Okay, I want another pet.... (I only have chinchilla's and a parrot at the moment) I want an animal that is different from what I have had (I've had Birds, Chinchilla, Rats, Hamsters...

Is Female Ferret Is Bigger?

is female ferret is bigger then male


Hi, got my first ever Corn snake yesterday it was born in May 2014. Today if first feeding day so I put the mouse in the viv the snake came out to the mouse but didn't do anything...


Hey! Got a 7 month old corn snake and giving first feed today! Put the mouse in about 2 house ago and nothing so read online should have a feeding box so moved it and still nothing...

Corn Snake Eye Injury?

Hi Yall, my name is noah, I recently got a baby corn snake with a new cage, long story short, I came home today and I noticed that the side of her head was stuck to some duct...
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