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Does Dwarf Hamster Eat Biscuits?

does dwarf hamster eat biscuits??


what is your favorite animal

Sulcata Tortise?

Has respiratory issues. Given baytril injections for 7 days but still runny nose and loss of appetite and movement. Has had before and much more severe than this time, but does...

King Snake Won't Eat?

Hi there. I have a 3 yr old king, just got it, hasn't eaten in two weeks (Mid-May-to-present). Is this related to breeding season? and if so when does it end? thanks for your...

Ferret Cage?

Hello, Can you please advice what cage is best for a ferret? Metal, wood, aquarium-like or other? Also, what should I place in the cage and where is the best place for it in a...

Ball Python Question?

I just got my.bp today, he was shipped over to me from a breeder, i know hes stressed and possibly hungry since they would feed him every tuesday ( today is tuesday lol) but hes...

What Are The Major Things?

what are the major things that effect snow leopards

Unexplained Aggression In My Boa - Constrictor...

I need answers for this it has me pretty upset. First off my snake (before this) has always been a very kind, well handled snake he never even had a problem with me handling...

Sabrina Lopez?

how do collared lizard breathe


I have a ball python 3 1/2 years old and he is breathing rapidly. Is that normal?

Adopting A Puppy Before Vacation?

Hello, My fiancee and I are looking to adopt a puppy. We are in love with this one particular pup who we would have to adopt this week if we wanted him. We have plans to go away...

Why Dose My Rat Always?

Why dose my rat always play with my cat?

My Hamster Only Eats Sunflower Seeds!...

how do get my hamster to eat something other then sunflower seeds???

My Bearded Dragons Cage?

can i mix baking soda in with the sand????would it help the smell or will it kill my bearded dragon

Canaan Dogs?

what do they eat
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