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Sick Box Turtle?

I found a box turtle wandering on a country road. He wasn't crossing the road, he was moving on the centeline of the road. His eyes were closed and I picked him up to move him...

Lost Corn Snake?

I lost my corn snake 2days ago and I tried pinkies, heating pad and leaving water out. I looked everywhere in the house and can't find him. Any suggestions? I looked in the corners...

What Fish Go Well With Guppies?

What fish go well with guppies?

Adult Corn Snake Refusing Food?

I have an adult corn (about 9 years old) that I've owned since he was a baby. He has always been a fine eater, but recently went off his food. It has been about 2 months since...


how do you you make a tadpole habitat stop smelling bad?

Rattle Snake Rattles?

If there is a white powdery substance on some rattles off a dead rattle snake is it poison

How Long Should I Wait?

How long should i wait to pick up my snake after changing its habit

What Are The Top Two?

what are the top two endangered animals in the world?

Guinea Pig Saliva.

why would guinea pig saliva grow more bacteria than a human and dog?

Why Do Turtles Havelong As?

why do turtles havelong as lifespans

An Alligator Lizard?

Hey...I live in Santa Cruz (ca) & i have an alligator lizard in my garage. I don't want it to die. I have NO idea how long it's been in there, but i freaked out when i saw it...

Cornsnake Mating.

Can corn snakes be gay? We have definite mating rituals happening but are unsure of their genders. We don't want to spend $ on extra breeding equipment if we don't have to.

My Two Micro Pigs Have?

My two micro pigs have been keeping me up at night because they bang on there kennel every one or two hours to eat.They are 1.5 years old and 1 year old .they didn't do this until...


why does my year old corn snake stick to the top of her tank and move along that instead of the floor? shes well fed regually with one medium once a week and sheds normally. i...

Maintenance Free Pet?

Is there a pet that's mostly maintenance free? Or, which pet requires the least maintenance? My kiddo wants a pet and I want to start discussing it with my husband thank you!
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