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Devistated: Pet Ball Python Bit Me?

I have a pet ball python maybe like 5 or 6 year old light male. Wonderful eater and my husband and he get along very well. Handled daily. But when we got him and I was handling...

Ferret: Sleeping, Not Dead

I wonder if the ferret woke up with a headache. It's amazing how deep they can sleep. I remember my cat doing the same long time ago, actually. He could sleep so well that I could...

Shrimps, Frogs, And Chinese Softshell...

Please tell me if I can keep shrimps, frogs and a Chinese softshell turtle together in the same aquarium? Thx.

My Corn Snake Not Eating Anything In 3...

My Corn Snake not eating anything in 3 weeks

He Hasnt Been Eating For?

He hasnt been eating for 4 days and we've had him for 4 months

6Month Old Ball Python Missing?

So my partner accidently left the vivarium open. My 6 month old 1ft ball python managed to escape. Shes been gone for about 6 hours now. Should we be worried. Theres a gap in...


I have two small geckos that live freely in my conservatory in Spain. I hAve noticed a strange smell when entering the room could it be the geckos?

Black Cat `?

i need a quote on the significance being bad luck

Human Calcuim?

Can i use human calcium and crush it into powder to use for my water dragon?

1 Month Old Tarantula Not Eating For Two...

My 1 month old Mexican red knee tarantula hasn't been eating for a couple of days. Do u guys know what the problem is? Can u please let me know ASAP.

My Anole Won't Eat!!!?

I got an anole about a month ago from a local pet Co. When I got him he was eating fine then he just stopped I don't know what I'm doing wrong? I have a 50watt light bulb and...

Lost Two Snakes In The House?

lost a baby corn snake..or eastern milk.. and ring neck..how or where would they hind..

Sick Chameleon?

help what can i do about my sick chameleon she want eat are drink we have to force her too. she is pail and her eyes are shut


where do macaws sleep.

Giant Panda Bear?

Can you please have a section on them please?
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