What did y'all think of the second new AP show, which followed the Monks? Victoria is certainly not made in Cesar's mold - he exudes far more warmth and charisma, and she comes across like a proper British schoolteacher - but it appears that she will be tackling similar problems.
And having a goofy Lab myself, I did enjoy watching those two goofballs who were the "problem dogs" of the evening.


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Fur Paw,
I really couldn't get into that show either..I was distracted by my dogs:). I have a goofy Lab too. That part I liked. I claim to have watched both shows with an open mind, but maybe I wasn't being honest with myself. I am spoiled. I like Cesar.
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What did y'all think of the second new AP show, which followed the Monks? =A0Victoria is certainly not made in ... and she comes across like a proper British schoolteacher - but it appears that she will be tackling similar problems.[/nq]My husband thinks she's "hotter" than most proper British schoolmarms. Especially with the high top boots. Sort of Emma Peal with a leash. Fine with me, we don't have to argue over who has control of the remote. I think she's the first good thing to happen to dog training TV since Patricia McConnell's show went off the air. Her timing is excellent, her body use and language is excellent. She can teach concepts like attention and leave-it without resorting to physical corrections.

She does a lot of the same things I do. I don't agree with her on everything but basically her training is sound and effective. As to the Monks, sigh... I never thought I'd come across anyone I could favorably compare Cesar Millan to. But most of my beginner students have better skills than Brother Chris. Broomsandy in OK
On Apr 27, 3:17?pm, Handsome Jack Morrison
Always the talk. Never the walk.

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And you would know that because you've seen my beginner students, eh? Actually, I've met rocks with better skills than Brother Chris. At one point, the Monks did have a dog trainer. But he's dead now. Broomsandy
And yet, I've been a trainer probably as long as you have.

Unless you've been training dogs for close to five decades, no, you haven't.

No, actually, only three decades. I'm only almost as old as dirt, not older than. (but if we want to count the family mutt at 6 . . .)
I rap you because you're a proselytizing bozo who raps every training method out there but your own.

Actually, the proselytizing bozo seems to be you, Jack. You attack anyone who doesn't believe what you do. I don't have to be saying anything to do with you without you snarling and screeching at me
You could be the best trainer in the world and I'd still rap you, because you're such a petty human being.

Less petty than you. And probably a hell of a lot better trainer.
despite the fact that I've probably trained and titled dogs in a lot more venues than you have

I've only titled dogs in one venue - field trialing. It's the only venue that matters to me. Give it a try sometimes, and see how well you do, how well your methods work out in the field. =A0

Not a venue I care about. Try herding where you have 5 very live, independent minded calves in the equation instead of a dead duck. And we don't know what you do, cos, well, you won't say. I think that in itself is very telling.
I can't talk to you, Jacko. I really can't match your venom, and don't care to try. So just continue to rant and I'll talk to people who can discuss things without all the insults and hysteria. It only shows you off for what you really are. And I suspect if I don't answer you, it won't be as reinforcing as if I do (though I am prepared for one hell of a good extinction burst). But do wipe the spittle off your stubbly wrinkled chin. It's most unappealing. Kisses, Broomsandy.
I have Sandy in the killfile but all of the stockdog people I know are wa=aay more traditional in their training than not. =A0Is this round pen work? Beth

Well, it seems pretty dim to me to announce that you have someone killfiled and THEN ask them a question. And yet, I'll be happy to answer. Most venues that have been around more than 20 years still have a lot of traditional trainers. So does obedience. But that doesn't mean it is the only way to train successfully. Or necessarily the most efficient way. That said, I don't use a clicker on stock. I also don't use an ecollar or hit them with crooks or throw stuff at them.. And last I checked, you couldn't earn titles in the round pen (well except entry level test titles)
What can you say about a person who can't do ANYTHING but call names and insult. Must toast your cookies that people can actually train dogs without an ecollar, huh, Jacko? And you just can't think of anything intelligent to say. Probably because you have no idea how to train a dog. Even traditionally. Go back to your bottle, old man. It's all you're good at. Brooomy
Oh my. Is anyone else having flashbacks to Dogman and Nancy Holmes?

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