Hello community,

This is a very sad day for all my family. Our dearly loved cat Barsik has passed away this morning. He spent with us twenty amazing years full of joy, kindness, love and, of course, unforgettable kitty mischief.

You'll always be remembered. Rest in peace.

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This is so sad Lana, I feel for you Emotion: left hug We'll never forget him! Rest in peace xxx
Hello Ruslana may your cat Barsik rest in peace!
Oh no! I'm so very, very sorry. Rest now handsome boy. Emotion: crying
Oh no! I'm sorry, my cat Tilly was put down a couple of years ago...
What a gorgeous feline, sorry for your loss
I am sory to. 2 of my cats were put down a few weeks ago
What a beautiful boy!!!!
So so sorry as I've had my cat ( Mystic) for 11 years and she's 141/2 yrs old. I'd be heartbroken as I'm sure you are! They are more then pets they are family. I am deeply sorry for your loss!
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