Thought I'd open up a thread where we can upload pics of our cats in funny situations or pulling funny faces.

I'll start off Emotion: wink Chewy not looking too happy about having a shower Emotion: big smile

Hehe.. I see Gizmo in the back not particularly happy either.. that compulsive *lick lick lick.. gotta get this crap outta my fur, what has she done to me that ****! *.. Emotion: smile
I'll try that, my cats are the cutest ^^. They live with my parents though (but they are still mine!!).

Although, come to think of it they usually sit there looking regal, There was one 'funny' incident though when I picked a playfight with one of them and he most definitely won. Allthough the joke was really on me Emotion: stick out tongue
OMG I can't believe I've never seen this picture before!! Didn't you collapse in a dead faint after this look, Punky? Emotion: big smile
Oh my! If looks could kill! LOL
Haha this pic is brilliant! The look says it all! Emotion: big smile