Hi everybody! I thought I would give you the link for Finnegan & Lacey's youtube channel. They're quite entertaining as you'll see! http://youtu.be/ZE0-mz3esaU
Thanks for sharing, alfinnlay! They are so cute! I subscribed. Emotion: smile

My hubby and I were watching the video together; I kept saying they were just playing and he was sure they were kind of trying to figure out who was the boss. Emotion: giggle
it's so nice to see them play ^_^ i guess i'll spend a while on your channel ^_^
Hi Ruslana I saw that, thank you! Aren't they funny? They've always been like this and I think it's both. They play like the best of them and sometimes Finney wants to be the dominant one but Lacey will only let him for so long. Then POWIE! LOL. But trust me, she gives as good as she gets. Thanks for watching our videos everyone. I put up new ones whenever I can.
alfinnlay what happens with your login? Emotion: wink
I keep forgetting to do it! LOLOL. Sorry. I wake up and usually have a bunch of emails and try to answer stuff quickly. I forget. I have to clear my history in Firefox quite often because of my website. When I work on it, it all gets sent but Firefox doesn't remember it. It's complicated and a big pain. Anyway, that was me! Whoopsy! LOL
I've been thinking about doing something like this with my cat. Unfortunately, the only source of recording I have are either my webcam, which can't go far from my computer, or the recording feature of my digital camera. The quality is fairly good on my camera though so I might use that. My cats are always doing funny things...especially while playing.
That's all I use is my Canon SureShot camera. I don't have a regular video recorder, just that. Then I piece and cut stuff with Windows Movie Maker.