Hi All, i have spent over 2k over the last year medically treating my 11 yr old lab but the vet dent know whats wrong with him. He cries, pants and constantly moves around. This mostly happens at night or when i sleep in certain rooms in my house. A couple of times he has started shaking almost like he was nervous. However after chest X-ray, ultra sounds and several visits we still don't know whats wrong with him. He did have a mast cell tumor removed about a year ago and when he first was having problems they noticed high white blood cells and said they suspected a relapse. However none of the images showed anything wrong. They basically said they suspect it is lyme related (he had lyme in the past) however i have been giving him antibiotics and pain meds for 3 weeks now and he still has all of those symptoms at night. Any ideas on what could be wrong with him? i feel awful when he is crying. sometimes he cries even after i give him lots of pain meds..
I had the same sort of symptoms with my cat. I ended up taking him to a homeopath because I was out of options too! And it turns out, they don't only help us humans, they're great at helping pets too, and that is when you can REALLY see there is no placebo effect with homeopathy. There are lots of great success stories out there, why don't you do some research? Best of luck!
Hi, Thanks for tip. I did some research but a lot of the natural (or alternative) treatment options are for diagnosed problems. Without me know exactly is wrong with him I lack options. Did you ever find out what was wrong with your cat? I feel bad for the animal.
You don't need to know the diagnosis when you are treating with homeopathy, because you treat the animal as a whole, not as the disease. So you would simply be telling the homeopath all the symptoms your dog has, plus some of other things and a remedy is found like that.
When that happened with our 15 yr old cocker, she had canine cushings disease