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. But in the past year I've come to know four Dachies who are fantastic swimmers and their owners can't keep them out of water. So it's not just short legs with Scotties.

Hm. Hadn't heard that Scotties can't swim, but I've also never seen one do so... WRT Dachsies, there's a mini who swims at the park where we go. And she does something I have NEVER seen a dog do before - she rolls like a kayak. I'm not quite sure it's voluntary, but it doesn't seem to bother her even though her head goes underwater.
My Pablo is a rangy, lean guy (26" and 65 lbs) and there's little fat onhim but he swims just fine. Maybe he has lightweight bird bones unlike Viva (isn't she about the same weight & height?).

Or maybe he has just enough fur to act as a flotation device? Morag - aka Ms. Skinnylegs - can swim, but I swear her fur helps; it poofs all up when she's in the water.
I was chatting about this with Soren and he suggested it was Pablo's "Easter Egg" that keeps him afloat

Ha. They do say fat floats!
Cala is lighter boned than Viva but not that much, she is 24" and 60#. I think part of it is body density, and I think part of it is not getting the hang of it when you're a puppy.

Some of each, I think. And then there's the Porcupine Factor (whereby porcupines float because their needles are full of air): Fluffy Rocky, who's about the same height and weight as Viva, swims well.

Matt. Rocky's a Dog.