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To get us started, we bought a 30 gallon aquarium, a heat rock, substrate, iguana food, supplements, a light (that ... it up), grape limbs to crawl on, a half piece of tree trunk to hide in, a spray bottle, etc.

Dump the heat rock, it's notorious for burning iggies. Keep the iguana food for emergencies only when you run out of the proper fresh greens and veggies your babies need.
Collards, aragula and squash are basic veggies for iguanas, but go to www.anapsid.org and www.iguanaden.com (could also be .org or .net, can't member exact address of iguanaden) for more precise feeding advice.

Get a good UVB bulb. Reptisun 5.0 is a good one, but there is a brand of bulb with 8.0 after it's name, so that's probably the best to get. You'll also need a heat light. Don't buy expensive reptile heating bulbs, generic $2 bulbs from Walmart, etc are just as good as long as they give off heat.
BTW, if you haven't already, you should bring the bulb that blew back and ask for a refund, and if they refuse to give a refund tell them you'll no longer buy anything from them until they give you the refund

The warmest part of your tank should be 90F, the coldest part should be about 70F, but you'll need a much bigger tank as you cannot obtain the correct temperature gradient in much a small tank. I'm told you need at least a 75gallon tank for babies, but as I live in Ireland we go by size in terms of inches and feet instead of gallons and I've no idea what size a 75gallon tank is.
One guy told me a 5ft long tank is too small for even a baby iguana as they can jump the lenght of the tank in one leap.
On the feeding: They were feeding the iguanas chopped cabbage and baby crickets - which I now read is a no-no.

Go back to the shop and tell them that iguanas don't eat crickets, you never know, they may even listen to you
I initially planned on getting those clamp-on lamps - maybe one to shine in from each end - but they will still need a heat source.If I can't get a ceramic bulb, what is another alternative?

You can use undertank heating, like a heat mat, but a heat bulb is better
FYI, the room I have our babies in has five windows on one wall and fouron the other, so they can get lots of indirect sunlight during the day (they are on the opposite corner from those windows so they won't get too cold.)

Not a good idea, most of the good rays will be filtered out by the glass and two layers of glass (window and tank) could have a greenhouse effect and bake your iguanas
If it will help, I can post some pictures of their current habitat - andof course of those sweet babies!

Here's a list of the Iguana groups I'm a member of on Yahoo Groups:

ExoticPetsGardening has tips on how to grow food for your pets
Whats a redneck?

A hick from the sticks. *g*
You're in the UK, aren't you? Think of the most sterotypical, bigoted, backcountry, good-ole-boy you can think of. That's a redneck.

I'm not even certain if pure-bred rednecks exist in the US anymore, but then I live on the West Coast, and there were never very many around here in the first place.
As for the topic at hand, I think most of us at one time or another have impuse-bought animals. That's how I got my first T. petersi. I was just fortunate that despite there being almost zero information on the Net, let alone in a book, that my paticular species is easy to keep.

Iguanas have the duel problem of being a relitively difficult species (from what I've read, I have no personal experience) and being really cheap. People will impulse buy even the expensive animals IME, but probably not quite as often as the cheaper ones.
Havent most people bought on impulse? it does seem that ... and lots of clothing, even then your still at risk.

Of course, plus the original poster said that he trusted the pet store employee (an iguana owner) to give accurate ... which are very well adjusted, but I had them from the hatchling size and handled them daily the whole time.

I have tamed adult wild Igs, much harder and more war wounds. I built a large greenhouse to house many outside, but the only half foot sq glass that didnt have mesh protection was smashed by Igs, took me a week to catch 4 Igs, most up 40 foot trees, impossible to see in a tree, i had to sleep out, wait for the first sunrise and look for movement when they went to bask, i had one bend a branch to fall asleep, i couldnt see it until it moved.
Im looking at doing a better job next spring, i have tried those tv garden makeover programms for help, as im skint and do dysabled to do the hard graft myself, if get it done, i could take in many more Igs.
Whats a redneck?

A hick, someone who lives in a rural part of America, it's a derogatory term.
I suppose it would be the beer-swilling, pick-up driving, yeehaw yelling crowd. And apparently they also marry their cousins

According to Cong, the man from Laos who lives nextdoor, Hank Hill from King of the Hill is a redneck
I just meant they would make a bad pet for someone like me. And I think they're not good for most people either because of all the care they need and their enormous size. -Rubystars

But at least they won't snack on you if you die unlike that poor sap who was nibbled on by his nile monitors
I have scars from early 2002. Talyn was sitting on the ground by my feet. I reached down to pick him up and he spooked and shot up under my demin jeans. Jeans weren't very loose, he got stuck halfway up and began to wriggle. Had to take jeans off to get him out. He wasn't a tiny iglet either, he was almost a 2footer
www.myiguana.com has some good diet information even tho the pic on the mainpage is > kinda rediculous.

Goes to site to look at pic.
OMG! LOL! That poor iguana! Scarily though, that dress does seem to suit it
Whats a redneck?

A hick from the sticks. *g* You're in the UK, aren't you? Think of the most sterotypical, bigoted, backcountry, good-ole-boy you can think of. That's a redneck.

On old episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus, our "redneck" would be the equivalent of your "twit".
I'm not even certain if pure-bred rednecks exist in the US anymore, but then I live on the West Coast, and there were never very many around here in the first place.

You haven't been around the northwest much if you think that's true. There are a whole flock of rednecks populating a logging town of 500 not 20 miles from me... in almost every direction.
Thanks for all the responses!
Yeah, that makes sense that aquatic and semi-aquatic turtles like mine probably would not have the same natural tendencies to confine their poops to one area. Still, I'm going to look into how people have trained their tortoises. I've heard a few stories about people having big sulcatas and stuff who just had free reign in the house and I'd sort of wondered about how that worked... So there are articles about housebreaking tortoises? I never knew! Great, I'll look for them.
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