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That size is fine for the moment for one iguana, just realize that in 6 months, you'll be in a ... don't know that I've ever been injured by him. My female is a little more skitterish but still very good.

Brian, do you have photos of your setups?
On old episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus, our "redneck" ... 500 not 20 miles from me... in almost every direction.

Only all my life. I live in Portland though, you're in Seattle? So maybe that's the difference.


I lived in the Portland suburbs for 8 years and knew more than my fair share of rednecks at my high school in Hillsboro.
I do not live in Seattle, though it is only 60 miles from me. I live in another redneck town.
Sounds like its not Seattle vs. Portland... more like urban vs. rural. Emotion: smile

"Grainne Gillespie" (Email Removed) ha scritto nel messaggio
You can use undertank heating, like a heat mat, but a heat bulb is better

I'm reading a book about igs at the moment and am just arrived at the section of heat sources:
An UTH is ok as long as it's not the main heat source. Otherwise the igs belly will be exposed to excessive (different from the natural environment conditions) warmth, the gut flora will be alterated and the animal suffer from digestive problems / a gravid female will lay eggs from which won't hatch anything because the development of the embryones was alterated too.

Could we be a bit less judgmental here and perhaps try to give this woman some constructive help? Not everyone ... them, not get bitched out because she got sucked in by an unscrupulous pet store and bought them at all.

Well said, Cindy. I haven't posted on this since I don't really know much about iguanas other than what I have heard on this group. However, the general public, walking into a store, has to assume the employees there are going to have some knowledge of the items they sell and will try to help you. As Julie has unfortunately found out the hard way, that is not always the case in pet stores. I know not all pet store employees are like this one, but for someone who is inexperienced with herps, she didn't realize how bad the advice was that she had been given. Fortunately, she is trying to rectify the problem and was smart enough to look for help here.

Hmmm, maybe. I heard they're a fan of Nascar Racing as well.

Looked up Redneck in the Oxford English Dictionary. Termed as "A working class white in the Southern US. Especially a Politically Conservative One"
Rednecks can also be racist and homophobic
http://www.todaysplanet.com/pg/beta/lizardlover/page6.htm Henry has some great pictures there of the type of damage that adult iguanas can inflict.

An iguana keeper in our herp society was bitten on the thumb... he required some 4 surgeries to get use of the tendons back and his motor skills in that thumb are severely limited.
Julian - I believe you showed us once a picture of the room that you keep your adult igs in. I seem to remember the walls being completely trashed.

Here's Julian's igs, trashed walls and all.

If you approach a frightened iguana, it will, as you mentioned, hit you with its tail as it tries to ... can leave cuts and welts with their tail, which is something like a combination between a club and a whip.

I was tail-whipped by an adult water dragon last night (notably smaller than an adult ig), which left a nice raised thin red line down the side of my face. My neck bled a little where the tip got me.
Also a very agressive nile monitor attempted to bite me several times. He failed. Heh.

Just wanted to mention that glass filters out UVB. Looks like you have your lighting set up on the side of the tank - the UVB light has to be unobstructed (or at least just through screen, not glass) and within 12" of the animal to be of use.
I did until this morning - after I took the picture I read where the iguanas tend to stay on ... pad until I get to the pet store tomorrow. I had bought a 100W UV bulb and caged clamp-on lamp,

I have $5 that says the bulb you bought doesn't actually emit UVB. Typically UVB bulbs are not rated in wattage. If it says "100w iguana basking light" its just heat.
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