Are dogs more attached to humans or their pack? My bf is moving across country and is taking our chiuhahas. One of them is mine and I love him so much and want keep him with me at my parents house where I'll be living but so are 3 cats and..there in lies the problem. Patches will chase those poor kitties non stop. So what do I do let my bf take him so that he doesn't get separated from his daddy and brother?I can't imagine not having him with me but it might be best for him to go with his pack. Or is he more attached to me? He's my baby and never leaves my side. Help!
I think you've answered your own question and you know what the right thing is. There will be so much stress for you to deal with if Patches will be chasing the cats all the time (not to mention the stress for the cats). I also think it's best for him to go with his pack. He surely will miss you but I personally think the overall stress would be less for YOU and him. You will be able to live without him knowing you made the most mature decision Emotion: smile
Have you decided yet?

Dogs that are raised with other dogs are typically always closer with the other dogs than they are with their humans.