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If you are so certain that this is true, why don't you provide your identity? Are you Todd Marcus in disguise? Do you have this information allegedly on file with the State specifically linking the illness to that store? I called the health department. None of the birds were linked to Bird Paradise and all of their birds were fine. They said they did it to PROTECT their birds. Did you ever hear of libel or slander? If you are so sure that what you say is true, identify yourself and stop hiding behind the internet. I have purchased three birds from that store. I would purchase 10 more if I had the money. Great birds - perfect health.
And one other thing. How come todd Marcus never cared about his store and lived in Washington (or wherever he lives) until Bird Paradise opened? Then suddenly he moves back to this area and FINALLY runs his store? Was he a little scared about the competition? Obviously. So he tries to make Bird Paradise look bad since he can't compete with them. I was at Birds Exotic a few months ago. A lady had a ton of itmes on the counter (probably about $100.00 worth of stuff).

She asked if she could try a sample of food (a really small amount) since Bird Paradise lets you do that. He said NO! I'm not giving any thing away for free. But he's not about money, is he? I think the writing is on the wall. Todd Marcus wants all the business so he is going to do anything and everything to try to make bird Paradise look bad. That store speaks for itself. AND WHY ARE A BUNCH OF HIS FORMER EMPLOYEES ALL WORKING AT BIRD PARADISE NOW?