I was wondering if anyone besides me had seen the movie "Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World." The reason why I'm asking is that I saw two different parrots in it! If memory serves, I think one was a Macaw of some sort being offered for sale to the sailors on the ship, and the other was an Amazon perched on a sailor's shoulder. Did anyone see it who had a better idea of what kind of birds they were?

On another note, I finally got my Senegal to do a "trick" of sorts. She loves nuts and triscuits, and I've made a habit of always making her climb to the top of a ladder on top of her cage to get her treats. Lately, when the bird hears the bag of goodies crackling, she rushes up the ladder and if treats aren't forthcoming, she runs back down again. Sometimes, I also notice that she climbs to the top of the ladder without the cue of the bag crackling and begs me most piteously for a handout (I usually relent).

Happy Thanksgiving!
Green Cheek Amazon, better know as Mexican Red Heads..

Bob W

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