Hi animal lovers, I am sorry my first post is a sad one but also hopefully one that will help other dog owners. My 19 week old rottweiler puppy passed away 2 weeks ago from the parvovirus and I wanted to help spread the word about this dangerous virus. It was a long week of him being sick and then he died, the vet could not explain why the vaccination did not help.
So if you have a new puppy and it's vomiting, has bloody diarrhea and becomes lethargic you must take it to the vet immediately! There's also loss of appetite and the feces smell so bad you will know something's wrong.
I learned that you need to try to keep your dog away from any feces of other dogs because that's the most common way a dog can catch this.

I hope this helps anyone because it's a horrible experience to go through.
I'm so very, very sorry for your loss. Thank you for wanting to help others. It's very important to spread the word. Emotion: sad
Hi Sam, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Emotion: sad
I'm sorry for your loss. How come the vets didn't help even though they had a whole week?

I'm very sorry for your loss.
Samthe vet could not explain why the vaccination did not help.
Perhaps this will shed some light on it: http://www.parvobuster.com/blog/parvo-news/parvo-vaccinations-what-the-vet-won%E2%80%99t-tell-you

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They had him on medication and IV but it was too late. They were considering blood transfusion but it didn't materialize in time. The link Raphael posted, thank you, that's info that needs digesting.
Hi Sam, I really need your advice about this horrible virus. I will give you some background about my story, I have four dogs,
three rottweilers and one mixed breed, all fully vaccinated. I recently had the misfortune of coming into contact with one of my puppies who was at this stage 18 months old, who had parvovirus. It was very sad situation for the owner and all concerned,the vet would not even allow her in the surgery. This beautiful girl did not win her fight and I also feel that the owner had little support from our local vet, The good thing to come out of this sad case is that myself and the owner have decided to educate our community about how serious this virus is and we are trying very hard to get a vet involved. I am from New Zealand and we are told we only have to vaccinate our dogs against parvo every 3 years, where in the past it has been every 12 months. I would be very interested what your thoughts are on this, do you think it is safe to leave a dogs parvo vaccine for 3 years and is this what they are doing in other countries.

Regards Jackie
Dog Lover
Good for you for spreading the word, it's very important! If you scroll up I have added a link that I think you should read about the actual vaccination and its effectiveness nowadays, read the comments people have made there too.
There does seem to be confusion on how often dogs should get it, no one seems to be clear on the fact if it should be one or 3 years. It's a very delicate subject, I hope you end up finding the answers to all of your questions but do make sure to read up both sides of the story so that you have solid backups for your theories and maybe you can teach the vets a thing or two Emotion: smile