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Why, pray tell, would I (i.e., as "any other trainer") have to accept your criticism???

If I am paying you to teach me to train my dog, and I have a comment(1) on how it ... meant serious comment. I have been paying attention in class, doing the required homework, etc. Marcel Beaudoin and Moogli

And your footnote shows the sort of student that I would listen to with their comments and feedback. The majority of my students get something out of my classes, judging by the number that are asking when I'll be teaching again, and seem to enjoy them. But I know that I can always learn something new. And often put it to good use.
We still teach some classes, but mostly classes on the e-collar, handling, and/or field-trialing. People are encouraged to ask questions, ... truck. Because I've already taken great pains to explain everything that I'm/we're going to do beforehand. Handsome Jack Morrison

And that is how, IMHO, it should be with a good instructor. A crappy one, I'm not going to waste my time with their class.