So friends, whom would you choose?
Hehe nice answer! Emotion: wink
I voted for a rescued one because I think pedigree pets can always find an owner, while homeless are bereft of any love and care. I rescued my cat, Barsik. I would prefer buying a pedigree one only if I greatly desired a certain breed.
Out of all them, I like Maine Coon very much, so probably this would be the only pedigree cat I could ever buy.
Most people often worry to much about breeds. Sometimes to even to see who has the best.
And in my opinion that's not the point of having an animal.
I agree with you...
I'd choose a rescued pet, anyway it should be young so I can train it to have a good behaviour. Sometimes adult pets (dogs for example) are difficult to be trained and if you are not a good trainer they could become a danger for the other people!
I chose a rescued pet as well.
The two girls I've got, I rescued from a friend who ran a pet store and someone found and gave them to him, and the pure breed male, I bought. Weighing it out, the girls are a lot easier to take care of and are ill a lot less than pure breeds.
I think girls are easier to take care of in any case, and it's applicable to humans as well! [6] lol

Wow I didn't know you rescued the girls! [Ye] But do you mean that Gizmo is ill oftener than them? And that it's more dificult to take care of him?
My very first cat ( a common domestic ) was rescued.I just didn't have the heart to see her meowing aimlessly without food and shelter. She was spayed after delivering two kittens.Now I have six including one which I rescued late last year.
I have been offered Persians and Siamese by friends but have put that on hold for the time being.Am happy with the present brood that I have.