I have a 8 & a 9 years-old cats, and I am moving soon. Its not the first time I move, I know the routine at departure and arrival, but this time, we have a 7 hours drive. That's the major problem.

My 8 years-old cat (Pinchy) is hurting herself during the ride in the car. In her pet taxi, she will rub/push her nose against the holes on the side of the plastic cage. She rubs so hard that her nose bleeds a lot.

I bought a larger cage, so I could put both cats together (they are in love with each other!!), hoping it will help her anxiety but no, she is still hurting herself.

I thought a e-collar would help, but I fear it will stress her even more, since she has never wore that or any kind of collar at all.

I'm not sure about covering the holes of the pet taxi with a soft material (duck tape? fabric? bubble wrap?) because I fear the cats will lack of oxygen.

Please, I need advise! My cat can't be the only one who has this kind of behaviour in a car ride?

Thanks a lot!

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Maybe you should let your cats walk around in your car because she is hurting herself because she wants to get out of the cage maybe try and let the walk around in your car

Hope that helped

That's not an option, that's why she she talks about collars. The cat might confuse and disturb the driver, and that could cause an accident in the middle of the highway.
As far as your move, I don't have a solution. But, my fiancee had a situation where one of her cats would claw and try to chew her way out of the carrier and would have bloody nose and paws. So a vet recommended for shorter trips to put her in a pillow case. Sounds cruel, but, it seemed to calm her. On long trips she allows her out of her cage and the cats usually, find a safe spot in the car and rarely venture around.
Put a small cone around her neck, she will still be stressed but will not rub her skin bloody like a cheese grater.
I worked out of town and traveled the 2-1/2 hrs. home each Friday & back on Monday mornings with a beautiful calico that showed up on our construction site. The only way she would remain calm for the drive was to cover her carrier with a light weight beach towel. She was able to breathe fine and would be very quiet and calm for the trips. I believe the darkness kept her calm. I realize your drive is much longer, but I just thought I'd share what worked for me. Good luck!
Hi there,

Your vet should be able to prescribe tablets to keep her calm for the journey (a bit like Valium for humans!) I had a similar issue with a 3 hour drive when moving, and this worked really well for my cat; he wasn't stressed at all. Some vets will also give them a low dose of general anesthetic, which will keep them awake, but in a very sedated sate. Hope this helps!
put a little cat nip in there
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