There have been several threads regarding Pet Insurance and whether it is worth it to purchase or not. I have recently had a very negative experience with PetCare Pet Insurance ( I purchased the senior plan for my Pomeranian and paid the monthly premiums. When my dog became ill with cancer and I submitted my claims for nearly $1,000, the insurance company refused to honor the covered peril. They changed their reasons several times for refusing to honor my policy.

Initially they stated that it was a pre-existing condition. When my veterinarian sent all records stating otherwise, they said if he was definately diagnosed, they would pay. Well guess what, they never paid, the only check I received was for the euthanasia that was eventually necessary ($30). I submitted several letters and they were very rude in return. I do not recommend this company to anybody that is considering Pet Insurance. I do not feel that they are a legitimate company.

I submitted compliants to the Better Business Bureau, the Insurance Commision, the Attorney General's office and I also consulted with my legal plan. All felt I had a good case but I eventually did not pursue legal action because of the costs involved. It was a learning lesson and a waste of money to pay the premiums. I would have paid less without the insurance. Thank you for listening to my frustration, I feel better after venting and if I can help others from experiencing what I went through, great!

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