Hello all,

Many times I've heard that pregnant women should stay away from pets and if they have them, it's better to find them a new home for the 9 months or even more. That's because of a risk to catch toxoplasmosis. I think it's very inhumane to get rid of family members like that, but on the other hand it's clear that the baby's health must be the priority. Several weeks ago I found out I'm pregnant. Emotion: smile I have a 12 year old cat, and I really don't want to part with him. But I'm a little worried in view of everything I've read. Is the risk really high? Do you have experience of being pregnant and staying with your pet? Please I need some encouraging words, I don't believe every single woman gets rid of her pets when she's pregnant! How come there's so much threatening information about it, then?

Thanks all for your support in advance. Emotion: smile
I have always had pets and none caused problems with my pregnancies. BUT I was always extra careful with the cat litter while pregnant,
During my pregnancy I had 3 cats at home and I was also very careful with the litter - in fact we decided that I shouldn't clean it at all during that time (which I didn't mind lol). We also made sure they stayed off the kitchen counters and tables and I washed my hands more often.
Does your cat go outside? If not then the risks are even lower of your cat becoming infected.
Thanks so much for your replies! I feel a little better now. No, my cat doesn't go outside but he loves to lie down on the doormats! I tried to break this habit but you know cats, they do what they want to and it sometimes can't be helped. I'll ask my BF to clean after him, thanks again. Emotion: smile