Interesting article I read here, I always thought that pets are good for ANYONE's health, not just children Emotion: smile
I know some families especially with newborns don't want to get pets because they're afraid of bacteria, parasites and diseases an animal can carry. I've also heard it's not great to have a pet when you're pregnant. Don't know how much of this is true.
If your pet is well taken care of and vaccinated there is no reason you would get infected. Of course if a pet is sick that could harm the baby but again your pet should be up to date on his shots and be well taken care of anyways. Plus most diseases pass through the mouth or stool, if a cat scratches you most likely nothing will happen to you can get CSD from cat scratches but that is not deadly or really harmful most people don't even feel anything some people can get like flu symptoms. if your kid eats pet poo or gets bitten by a pet that is not vaccinated he could get sick.
Joleen Cohenif your kid eats pet poo or gets bitten by a pet that is not vaccinated he could get sick.
We only vaccinated our cat once when he was about 1-2 years old, I was 6 at that time. Now he's 15 and I'm 20, he has scratched me many times but I haven't ever got sick because of it. He's an indoor cat.
They above post was mine, I decided I'd register... so what I wanted to say is that even if your cat isn't vaccinated it doesn't mean someone will get sick should a scratch happen. I hope you won't blame me for not vaccinating but now that so much time has passed I'm sure we did the right thing. Patches has never had major health issues and even now he's quite fine. We decided that we'd not vaccinate him because long time ago my friend's cat died because of a vaccine.

Ah and I've never had doubts that cats are good for both adults and kids! There are many reasons why it's so, really, health-wise and emotionally-wise.
If It's an indoor cat there is very little chance that he will catch any of the things that they get vaccinated against. If the cat doesn't go outdoors doesn't get in fights with other cats (where he might get bit and get sick) and is not exposed to other pets (not including your own pets or friend pets but street cats for example). Although at a young age it is crucial and you should always treat for worms. But if your cat goes outdoors you should vaccinate him no matter what, if your cat is an outdoor cat and never got sick that's pure luck. as for scratches, even if a street cat scratches you chances are nothing will happen to you if he bites you and he's sick that's a different story but there is very little chance to get sick from a scratch.
I liked this quite from the page:

The daughter asked, "Mom, do animals have feelings?" After a short pause, the mother answered, "I don't know dear, science hasn't figured that out yet."
Relying on science or any authority to determine what should be observable or perceived through experience is indicative of our cultural dysfunction.

So very true!