Hello, guys!

What do you think about interaction between children and pets? Does it have a good impact on children or not, since it may cause scratches, bit hands, allergy, and so forth? What's your personal experience if you have or ever had any pets?

Look forward to your replies. Emotion: smile
Well I think it's good to have a pet and to let children interact with it unless the pet is not too agressive. If you've got an obstinate cat for example, it may hurt your child, especially if the child is yet a baby.
My children have been around pets since they were embryos!

I feel sad for kids who are afraid of dogs or don't know how to act around animals. In my opinion, a pet enhances any home, so I'm biased.

It helps to teach responsibility and boundaries. While Grandmas may let your little angel run around and touch anything he wants, your dog or cat will let your kid know where the limits are!
I totally agree. I too think that pets do have a positive influence on children. Children learn how to treat living creatures that are smaller, weaker, and more vulnerable. I do pity those who don't consider pets to be friends!
Having raised three children I would say that the pets should be protected from the children as the children have not learned to interact properly with animals and animals like people will react in a negative fashion if pushed to far in the wrong direction. Like the child does not understand why the cat gets mad when the child throws it against the wall and breaks a couple of its ribs...LOL.
I generally agree with all that have been said. As for my part, I'll for sure have one or several pets (they are likely to be cats, hehe) when I have children. I grew up with my beloved Barsik beside, so I think it would be unfair to bereave my children of the experience I had. Emotion: smile
I do believe it's good for children to have pets. But each side should be "protected" from the other in a way. Emotion: big smile