I rescued Maggie Mae when she was about six weeks old. she is now 2 years old, in excellent health (regular visits to the vet), poops and pees fine, eats well, exercises every day running and jumping, and is spoiled. but she does not like to be held and petted. I have given up on trying to express love to her, but do try from time to time with the same results. I will pick her up and put her in my lap and start to gently sroke her. as soon as I release my mild grip on her she jumps down and is gone. any hope for her to change? she is just a regular tabby cat. never had this problem with cats before. have had many cats and all enjoyed the attention. but not Maggie Mae.


I would try, when she is tired and lying down or sleeping, gently stroke maybe even feed her a treat at the same time.Then, when she gets agitated by you doing this,leave so she gets used to you doing this. Here, you have to be patient and let her control the situation.If she sits on your lap after a while, show no reaction or gently stroke her. Then she can could get used to petting. The problem is that she might have had a hard time before you rescued her and associate this with petting...