Hi all!

It's not a secret that pets often make us smile. Even if they sleep. If you have managed to make a shot of your cat, dog or any other pet sleeping in a funny or sweet way, participate in our new contest, "Cutest sleeping position"!

Post maximum two photos to this thread, and we will announce the winner at the end of December. We might even chose more than one if we can't decide on a favourite. The winners will be exposed on our front page for thousands of people to see daily. We will also feature your pet in our Article area. Give your pet a chance to become a little more famous!

Important notes:
You must be registered to join (how do I register? ) and may post two images maximum.
By entering your photograph into the competition, you grant to MySmelly the non-commercial non-exclusive right to use your images for promotion of the MySmelly photo competition and for promotion of MySmelly.com Should we want to use awarded images for commercial publications, this will only be done with prior written consent by the photographer and for a reproduction fee. The photographer will be credited whenever possible. Entrants must not infringe on the privacy rights, copyright or other rights of any person.

The winner will be picked by the administration team of MySmelly.com
Trouble shooting:
If you're having any trouble attaching an image to this thread or have any other questions, feel free to send us the photo and we will upload it for you, just let us know your nick name you have on mysmelly.com.
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Duh, not sure how to post to a thread....am thinking now that I see "attach an image" above the box I'm typing in, that maybe that how I do it, if I''m wrong please let me know as I would love to put my sleeping kitty pictures into the contest. Thanks for getting in touch!
Nothing like snoozing on a pile of catnip for wild cat dreams!

Wonder why my people have trouble getting comfortable, it's easy to relax.
he normally sleeps on my head but i cant take pics of that myself Emotion: stick out tongue

Claire DeLand on MySmelly

This is mugsy sleeping in my computer chair.

Mugsy falling asleep in his food.

Apologies for the bad quality!
My friend's kittens when they were first brought home

One of my dog's puppies asleep next to my friend's cat :)
Here are my contest entries, finally. :-)

The kitties always love sleeping on the dog beds, with or without the dogs.

Opie & Buttons sleep like ragdolls.
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