I am having a problem uploading photos. The picture uploads fine and shows up when I'm adding tags, but after I save it appears as blank and when clicked on says that the photo is no longer available. What can be done about this? How can the blanks be removed from my profile?
Hi Elizabeth!
I've deleted the empty pictures (if you hover on the right under the picture, a Delete button should appear).

We're not sure why this happens but we do experience some members having this problem. We can't recreate the problem on our end (which would help getting it fixed) so we are just hoping that the bug will be fixed in the next update we're sending in a few weeks.

In the meantime you could try to upload them again one by one? Or I could do it for you if you email me the pics Emotion: smile
Thank you so much for your help! I will try uploading them again, one by one, and if that doesn't work I'll email them to you. Thanks!
Ah it still didn't work! Now I have another blank I still can't figure out how to delete Emotion: sad

I'll email some you you if you don't mind Emotion: smile
Really sorry about this, I wish we could find the bug!

Anyhow I'll upload them for you with pleasure - webmaster@mysmelly.com is the addy Emotion: smile