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I can't remember if you said you take him for walks. IMO, with a lot of dogs, taking them on walks is a good "bonding" activity.

Another is simply hand feeding (which also dovetails nicely with NILIF). It's an easy way to get their attention and to bond with them. My experience has been that it works so well that anything that comes out of my hands is "magic." Harriet will gladly eat just about anything I give her, even meds and stuff she'd ignore in her food bowl.

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I wanted to thank everyone for offering their feedback as there was much useful information. My friend and I are bonding now and he is doing really well! Not so hopeless afterall. In fact, I am kind of surprised at how well I am doing with him. I will probably start taking him to classes next week to supliment my own training efforts.

Again, I appreciate all the feedback.
Peace and love.