AUBURN The owner of a pit bull that killed another dog is now charged with a felony.
Janell Roberts, 23, owned Raja, a brindle-colored pit-bull dog that last month attacked and killed a poodle-terrier and injured its 86-year-old owner. It wasn't the first time Raja had been violent, and because of that, Roberts is guilty of a Class C felony that could put her in prison for up to five years if convicted, according to the King County Prosecutor's Office. The dog has been euthanized.

Roberts has said a friend accidentally let Raja outside in the most recent attack.
The state's "dangerous dog" law under which Roberts was charged yesterday does not single out any particular breed of dog.

And the city of Auburn, which last month discussed labeling pit bulls as dangerous dogs, has backed away from that breed-specific law, according to the American Canine Foundation, which recently met with council members.

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