Hello to everyone.

Last month we rescued a dog and named him Quincy. He just wandered to our yard and while we were trying to find out who he belonged to, my kids persuaded me to keep him. So we have a dog now. He's a great guy but I've failed to identify his breed. See Quincy on my avatar, what breed does he resemble most in your opinion?
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looks like a pekingese mix! he's really beautiful!
Yes we thought it was most likely a mix but we were not sure of which breeds. We actually thought it was a Terrier mix. The Pekingese seems to have a shorter muzzle but there is certainly a degree of resemblance. Thanks for helping!
Yup I said he was a mix because of the face, I can't put my finger on what exactly he is mixed with besides the pekinese though.
Tibetan Spaniel perhaps? Emotion: dog
I haven't heard about the Tibetan Spaniel breed before, what a shame. I have searched for its pictures and yes that's very much resembling! I wonder if he can be a pure bred Tibetan Spaniel then? Finally, Quincy's breed has been roughly identified at least. Emotion: smile Thank you.
You're welcome! I don't know if he can be pure bred. You'll need to show him to a breeder or other breed-knowledgeable person if you want to know it for sure. Emotion: dog
Quincy is beautiful! Welcome to the site to both of you. Emotion: smile
Thank you Janis! I'm glad I found this place.
Thanks for all your help Sherlok and Joleen.
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