As our animal community increases, a lot of questions are asked daily. General and easy questions are answered quite rapidly, but sometimes it's difficult to answer a question which gives the best outcome for you and your pet if you don't post enough details.

Here are a few suggestions you can include in your post, so other users can help out faster and more sufficiently:

If you post a health, nutrition, or a behaviour question about a dog, cat, bird, horse or any other animal, make sure you write:

  • the animal's age,
  • the animal's breed,
  • the animal's weight,
  • previous conditions (diseases, weight problems etc),
  • current conditions (pregnancy, diabetes etc),
  • for how long the problem has been present,
  • previous activities that might have been taken away from the animal (i.e. an outdoor cat which is now an indoor cat),
  • ANYTHING you think might be relevant to your case.
If you post a question that might have legal consequences to either you or the animal you're posting about, please include details such as:

  • what country is it concerning (different countries has different laws about pets and farm animals),
  • for how long the problem in question has been going on,
  • ANYTHING you think may be relevant to your case.
The more details you include in your post, the faster you can receive a detailed and accurate answer – all in the interest of your pet.
I gave my 15lbs pitbull terrier mix a dose of deworming medicine and he became extremely thirsty and hungry is that normal? I also noticed he's having diarrhea I read it's normal he got 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of it as his first dose.
My cat, Dude, has always been very obese all of a sudden we didn't put him on a diet or anything he lost 3 lb and it's okay he's still overweight for a cat but all of a sudden he started being a lot more active and less lazy he started to become very curious and wants to play please help!
i have a 4 week old puppy who gother first shots and deworming and now she has very runny dirreha and very stinky and vomiting is this normal

I got a new roborovski hamster a week ago, he is about 2months old and is very active. Im not sure how do I start taming him because, everytime I try to give him food, he bites my finger. Or once, I put my fist in his tank so that he can familiarize himself with my scent and he bit my knuckles again.

Please guide me on How to tame him?

Do people think it's ok to leave a pug outside for 8 hours a day with good shelter and water at hand ...he'll also have his brother with him...sam he's 9 years old and is a jack russel..only for 3 days a week due to work there always in side and sleep inside at night..such babies...feeling a little guilt ridden....I live in ireland..