As our animal community increases, a lot of questions are asked daily. General and easy questions are answered quite rapidly, but sometimes it's difficult to answer a question which gives the best outcome for you and your pet if you don't post enough details.

Here are a few suggestions you can include in your post, so other users can help out faster and more sufficiently:

If you post a health, nutrition, or a behaviour question about a dog, cat, bird, horse or any other animal, make sure you write:

  • the animal's age,
  • the animal's breed,
  • the animal's weight,
  • previous conditions (diseases, weight problems etc),
  • current conditions (pregnancy, diabetes etc),
  • for how long the problem has been present,
  • previous activities that might have been taken away from the animal (i.e. an outdoor cat which is now an indoor cat),
  • ANYTHING you think might be relevant to your case.
If you post a question that might have legal consequences to either you or the animal you're posting about, please include details such as:

  • what country is it concerning (different countries has different laws about pets and farm animals),
  • for how long the problem in question has been going on,
  • ANYTHING you think may be relevant to your case.
The more details you include in your post, the faster you can receive a detailed and accurate answer – all in the interest of your pet.
I gave my 15lbs pitbull terrier mix a dose of deworming medicine and he became extremely thirsty and hungry is that normal? I also noticed he's having diarrhea I read it's normal he got 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of it as his first dose.