Please sign this! This is serious business! If they spent half as much time testing and protecting commercial pet foods they wouldn't have time to poke their noses in what we feed our pets at home.
So what does it mean exactly? If that passes, pet owners will only be allowed to feed their pets processed meat (boiled for example)? Signed. Although I wonder how they're going to 'supervise' every single pet owner. Emotion: hmm
They really can't enforce this but it's a matter of principle. Plus from now on, even a holistic vet can get in trouble for suggesting a raw fed diet. It's messed up.
i've signed it too thanks for sharing.
Thank you Magnolia!! Emotion: smile
Do they do this because they're sure they're doing better for the pets or they want to support pet food manufacturers?
Janis most of us believe it's to do with money and the pet manufacturers. There has NEVER been any reports of hundreds of pets getting sick with frozen and premade raw. There have been small recalls but no pets reported ill. Not like with dry food, treats, etc. This is a witch hunt.
Any update on this, alfinnlay?
Yes, they went ahead and passed it and got SOOOOO berated by people online! LOL. It's really vile to be bought by the pet food industry and claim they are doing it for the health and well being of a pet. And make no mistake about it, this is all the doing of major pet food companies!