One of my friends said this article - 10 Ways to Help Animals Today - was stupid, I asked why and received the following:

"Pollution cannot be removed, it can only be slightly decreased, and not everyone can (or want) to adopt animals. I may sound cruel, but I am for tests on animals, making furs from animals and I kinda like going to zoo. All in all, humans are the rulers of the Earth, it's a great resposibillity, but why not use environment to make life better? And I'm not talking about extorting it to the max, I mean more like wise and balanced usage... But for that human population should decrease by half, all the greedy morons in governments should be put to jail or just killed for their crimes. I'm an anarchist, I hate politics and I hate stupid rules, but I agree that something has to be done with pollution"

Do you agree with this view?
(To clear up the main subject: this thread is basically supposed to discuss whether the humans are the rulers of the world or not.)
I am sorry but I think this person is mixing a lot of things that really do not have anything do do put together...actually I am not really sure of the core message. Polllution CAN be removed (with efforts and international support, we really have amazing technologies to help fight pollution), some animals don't need to be adopted, we can just leave them alone, and i hate zoos...watching an animal in a cage surrounded by hysteric kids has never been entertaining for me.

Anyway, i don't see the relation between politicians supposedly all corrupted, and averything. Anarchy is the last resort when you have lost faith in democracy and everything else...and i 'm still far away from that. I'm glad we wtill have rules that keep away real bad guys.
I should have been more clear I guess, sorry. Emotion: smile Those words were said as a comment tothis article . So now you can see why he's talking about so many things. I'll add this link to the first post too now so that other members don't get confused.
Tominpariswatching an animal in a cage surrounded by hysteric kids has never been entertaining for me.
Well said! I've never liked zoos either, to be honest. When I look into animals' eyes there, they are so sad (I don't think it's just my imagination, is it?).
I'm sorry to say but I think your friend has megalomania. Emotion: smile I voted for "no" by the way.
If the Earth disappears, we will be gone too. If we disappear, the Earth will remain. So how can people think they're the rulers of the world? Maybe we are in a way, but we are much more dependent on the world and we keep forgetting about it.