So does your cat try to drink from toilet? Do you allow it to?
I've always wondered what makes Barsik do it from time to time (he does have fresh water in the bowl), and I still have no explanation lol. Any thoughts? We try to discourage him from doing so saying it's a wrong thing to do etc, I bet he understands, but every once in a while he's at it again. I'm really not sure how to stop it and whether we should at all. Well, at least he gives us one more reason to keep the toilet extra clean. Emotion: big smile
i try to stop it it cant be good can it all those germs yuk! and im scared to clean it too much the cleaning stuff cant be much better if better at all? i try to keep the lid down now but sometimes forget and catch her descent down...i think it comes from seeing me on the loo i always let the cats follow me in and she got quite interested in the noise lol so i guess that made her have a look and see the water. she wont drink from her bowl at all though just from the sink and loo. my old cat used to hate drinking from his bowl and only would drink from a running tap but ostara seems to be a bit scared of a running tap XD im thinking of getting a cat it water fountain for her if she doesnt like it im sure gizmo will!
Yep the toilet thing has germs on one hand and too much cleaning chemicals on the other, both aren't good. Fortunately Barsik doesn't drink from there often now. We'd keep the lid closed too but he's toilet-trained so he sometimes uses it when no one is at home or when he doesn't want anyone to accompany him (we usually rinse his paws in the bathroom with clean water after he's done and he doesn't enjoy it, he'll sometimes go to toilet quietly only to escape rinsing and to walk all over the rooms with smelly paws and a naughty look!).

What I don't get is that cats do have a very good sense of smell, and I'm sure they can sense even the slightest smell of the toilet. So what makes them drink from there?! This is just beyond me.
well ive heard that cats eat what smells like it would be good for them,dont know if its true or not but it makes scence. im thinking if it is true maybe they can smell some of the nutrients from our "buisness" and that makes it more desirable? or prehaps they just like to drive us mad Emotion: big smile
You will probably be surprised but cats want to drink from toilet because it's refreshed far more often than any other water in the house!
i guess that makes sence lol crazy cats but i refresh my cats water a few times a day anyway pretty much everytime i go in the kitchen lol...
No one knows for sure why cats do this. Toilet water may taste fresher than stagnant water because it's changed with each flush. I think it's OK as long as you don't use chemical cleaners. If it really bothers you, keep the lid down.
Only one of my cats do this. And i think he only does it when he is thirsty cause the dogs like to drink all the water that I put down. But, yeah. It is extremely yucky. >.>