How do you choose what to feed your pet? Is it yours or his choice? Emotion: wink
I myself usually buy what my cat likes best. Why buy something he won't eat anyway. It's kind of difficult to force, and I don't want to!
We've always fed our cats high quality food without really thinking about what they like or what they shouldeat. All our cats have been active, healthy cats and none of them have been very picky. My girlfriend was taking care of a slightly overweight cat of about a year and a half, so we got him "diet food" for younger cats. That's the first time I've ever done any kind of food management for a cat Emotion: smile
A nice approach! What's interesting is that my cat won't eat any cheap food so we have no choice but to buy some quality stuff. Well, he's kind of picky. But actually, I wouldn't ever feed him with anything of a bad quality! hehe
Hehe, well I've never tried feeding them the cheap stuff so I don't know. I forgot to mention that of course the kitties got kitty food, the younger cats got food for younger cats and so on. Their nutritional needs change as they mature Emotion: smile

One thing - I've always denied my pets any sort of "human food" and leftovers. Parly because I hate having beggar cats, but also because I'm not sure how they react to it, and most cats I've met who are fed leftovers by their owners are horribly fat. It seems to me that "our" food has a lot more fat in it than a cat needs. Emotion: smile
We used to change our cat's food as he was maturing, too. Emotion: smile I think human food is not always appropriate for cats but sometimes, however, we may give Barsik some human stuff such as some milk, a couple of olives (I don't know why but he loves them! - in little quantities, e.g. he will gladly eat 1-2 olives, but no more), some soured cream, etc. It doesn't happen too often, though, maybe because he is picky, hehe. But in any case we don't abuse this, and fortunately Barsik is not fat at all.

I thought that cats could become fat when they had been neutered and you did't limit their food quantity, while it doesn't really matter whether it's human or cat food. Hmm...

Oh by the way, forgot to mention. When we cook something nice-smelling (boiled or roasted chicken, for instance), Barsik is never aloof and he will always come to the kitchen trying to find out what smells so nice. However, when we give him a little piece to sniff, he will HARDLY eat it! Emotion: big smile As if his only interest was to check it out, hehe.