It is known that some pets really love it while others become too nervous. What about your pet?
Those few times mine travelled by car, his behaviour was quite different. His very first trip, when he was a kitten, went very well since he was sleeping all the way. His other trips... were more nervous. He didn't seem to like the car and would often try to escape his crate.
My Akita loves it and always get crazy about it! Few things can excite him as much as a car ride.
i dont know what one to press! ostara hates it and will cry the whole time but gizmo is ok after the first 5 mins and will sit on my lap looking out the window quite contently we dont even need him in a carrier as he just sits there good as gold i keep him on a harness just incase he gets spooked and tries to jump under the pedals or something but so far he has been a perfect little angle. i think ostara is just being a drama queen for attention,she sounds like ive been starving her for her whole life come dinner time so not sure if i buy it Emotion: big smile