Have you ever had such an unpleasant experience?

I myself had. When I was about 6-7 years old, my aunt's poodle bit my forefinger. It was not too painful but I felt somewhat lost and disappointed because I didn't wish any harm to the dog. I even felt a bit guilty that the Poodle was punished because of this later...
Yes, but the in the cases I remember it was not on purpose.

1. When I was like hmm 5 yeas old maybe, I was sitting on the floor with a playful puppy and well I guess you know the teeth of puppies. sharp! and well, I got suprised when it wanted to play and scratched my hand. Emotion: crying we even have it on video Emotion: big smile

2. My aunt and uncle's doberman. It was still a puppy, childish and clumsy, but it was bigger than the other older dogs! Emotion: big smile.... Anyway ,we were both a bit clumsy and somehow our heads collided in a way that his tooth hit my face and gave me a nice bloody,and swelled scratch.

But a cat did do it on purpose!

I was waiting for my grandmom who was talking to somone, so while waiting I thought I would join the cat in the bush next to us. I was patting it and my grandmom told me to be carefull, more than once i think... of course I was .....I thought!... it got tired of me, I guess, and scratched my arm.
Wow, it seems this is an experience that everybody has had at least once. How old were you when it happened, Bushee?

Syl, it seems both kittens and puppies and somewhat clumsy and can bite you sometimes when palying. By the way, if they are in a bad mood, especially adult ones, it's better refrain from any game because they can really hurt you painfully enough. I remember my mom playing with our cat; he was around 7 years old maybe. For some reason, he got too excited with the game (or maybe got sick and tired of us, lol), and in earnest bit her hand heavily enough... with his fangs, claws, etc. Take in mind that his fangs are rather big for a cat (in our opinion) - you can have a look at them on a picture in my gallery. Of course, we punishedhim later with a strong lack of attention for a while. He's never bit anybody like that since then. Emotion: smile
It does seem that way... I am quite sure i was seven at the time. I remember when my little sister got bitten by my step-fathers dog... after that she was banished to live in a basement... the dog not my sister. but she was one or two, my sister not the dog the dog was like eight.
No dog ever bit me. I am 27. Maybe there is something wrong with me?
LoL Anon... no, I don't think there's something wrong with you. You're just lucky, or dogs love you. Emotion: wink Do you have one?

Bushee, you made me a bit confused with who was whom. Emotion: big smile