Is there anything particular that you've tried to teach your cat to do?
I've actually tought Saga to sit. It is extremely hard to teach tricks to cats, but if I have a piece of cheese, a shrimp, or something else really yummy and I say SIT - she will sit down. It took about 6 months to teach her, but's she's mastering it quite well now.Emotion: giggle
i didn't try to teach jake any tricks because i don't think he will want to perform anything ^_^ incredible to hear that stromy! i haven't seen a cat that would sit when told so! by the way does she eat shrimps and cheese? O_o jake never did!
Yeah - she eats cheese, shrimps, beef, chicken... Anything really.Emotion: giggle
whow! i wish jake was as omnivorous ^_^
I tried but it didn't work! Emotion: big smile
My name is Jackie. Still have to register to the site but as far as tricks go I really didn't have to teach my 3 year old Indian Bombay anything. Smokie will absolutely not ever drink water from a bowl. It has to be a specific kind of bowl...The TOILET BOWL LMAO!!! Then there is the situation with my doors. He will turn the knob on every door just to see what I am doing. He has scared plenty of guests of mine because I have to put him in another room because some people are afraid of cats and they think I have someone else in the house with me when they see the door open and then they realize it is a cat they start loaughing and saying your cat is crazy he just opened your door. THat's amazing, I never saw a cat do something like that before! So I start lol because I'm used to it already lol
I didn't teach Vincent to do this but he'll always burrow himself under a newspaper or anything else that we may leave on the couch.