It is time to confess if your pet is spoiled or not. Vote "Yes" if at least one of your pets is like that.
"Mine" is spoiled as well! Emotion: crying

I shouldn't, but I can't help it!
Eh mine is really spolied, too. He LOVES attention and always tries to draw it to himself when the whole family does something together. For example, when we eat, he starts meowing intensively as if he felt comepletely lonely and as if everyone abandoned him. Well, I guess we had to train him more at his early age... though I must confess he got this habit quite recently, a couple of years ago. Maybe, the older our pets become, the worse character they get?.. Uhm, I don't know...

But at the same time I am the boss and they know it.
Whow do we all have spolied pets? Emotion: smile
ahahha 0% said no Emotion: stick out tongue
my loko is just partly spoiled but i hope i won't spoil him completely ^^
My babies are all completely spoilt. My dogs sleep on my bed, or their own little beds on the floor, they have loads of toys, the best food, cuddles and love from everyone. My cats have beds everywhere, at night they sleep in the garage but there they have loads of beds scattered around the place.

My dogs and cats and my babies, love them to pieces and spoil them as best I can. Hehe.
Oh yeah, I completely spoiled my cats... but who can blame us Emotion: smile