Fetching, walking on a leash... or maybe sometimes your cat wags its tail like a dog? Emotion: wink
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gizmo can roll over jump stand shake hands and gives kisses and if you say do something cute he will roll onto his back paws in the air and do his cute rub my belly dance Emotion: smile
Brat, my Siamese used to play fetch all the time, but now that he's a senior he has given it up. ALL my cats wag their tails like a dog.
Wow lucky you, girls! Mine would never do a single dog trick... he'd only scratch the furniture sometimes to get our attention if nothing else helps, lol.
Both my cats run to the front door when they know I'm about to walk in. They also like to run to the door to greet familiar guests, like my brother and my friends. I've always thought that was a very dog-like behavior. One of them also plays fetch, tug-of-war (with a ferocious growl), and makes me chase after him with his head held high when he wins the tug-of-war prize.
my cat greats anyone who comes into the house or anyone he sees outside the house..sometimes he will go into the neighbours house so he can great them on there bed...he likes to play chase too we share his mad hour before bed togther running around after each other..im not that crazy it helps him be less active while im trying to sleep XD
Meeka gives her paw for a treat. Everyone gets a kick out of it. Funny to see a cat do that.

And I've walked her on a leash many times. It doesn't even faze her.

She has a pink collar and leash now. When I bring her to the vets they are all like "awwwe!". haha

Awwwe! Emotion: love I know I'm not a vet but couldn't help saying it. Emotion: giggle
A little off topic but I just looked at your channel and the coffee one is hilarious! Emotion: big smile And YES coffee stinks! lol
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