I've watched a couple of seasons and I must confess I'm really impressed. I've learnt so many new things about dogs!
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Yes I've watched his show "Dog Whisperer". I think he's great although sometimes seems a bit harsh. But I guess there are no mild ways to handle an aggressive "red zone" dog.

Out of curiosity, I've read some articles criticizing Cesar Millan. In one of them the author writes ... "I do, however, see dogs with suppressed behaviors; dogs walking on very tight leashes, dogs that are stiff and immobile after being rolled onto their sides by force, dogs that are in almost every case restrained or shut down in some form or another. If the dog is unable to perform without being restrained by a tight leash or otherwise, the behavior has not been changed, it has been suppressed. ... If the show's methods have not created additional behavior problems, then...it would be difficult to see the harm. ...professional trainers and behaviorists who speak out against these methods see thousands of dogs that develop significant behavior problems as a direct result of punitive methods."

What do you guys think about that?
Hi Ruslana,

I think in the wild any pack leader kind of suppress animals in the pack. That's what makes him a leader - he is stronger (physically and mentally) and can make the others obey. In spite of that, the pack animals feel fine because clear leadership meets their instincts.
I do not agree with the quoted author because I cannot imagine a situation in the wild where members of a pack don't need to be reminded of who the leader is. Nor do I find Cesar's methods punitive.

I agree with Raphael. If you watch a pack of dogs, you'll see that the pack leader can be very aggressive toward the other dogs to keep them in line. He'll knock them down, roll them over, growl at them, bite them, and even sometimes beat the daylights out of them.

We humans, as pack leaders, are occasionally forced to use some of those very same techniques with our own dogs to gain some form of control. I have had to use some of them with Bentley. He forgets that he's just such a huge puppy, and gets completely out of control at times. (Working with him is definitely much more difficult than working with a much smaller dog.) In order to rein him back down to earth, I have had to knock him down and roll him onto his back. Once he's prone, I grab him by the scruff of the neck, bare my teeth and growl directly into his face. It doesn't hurt him at all, and shows him that I'm the pack leader in this house. He immediately calms down and begins to listen again.

I can say that I've NEVER seen Cesar use this method, but that may only be because he's never worked with a dog that is quite so pig-headed as a Saint Bernard puppy. Or it may be that he has, but it hasn't been televised as part of his show. But again, it IS how the pack leader treats his subordinates to make them follow his lead.
Thanks for your input guys! In fact that's exactly my view too, but I got a feeling that I might be biased since it's only been a while since I discovered his show and I'm really in love with it. He actually made me love dogs even more (who knows, maybe one day I'll turn into a dog person lol).
JustaBratOr it may be that he has, but it hasn't been televised as part of his show.
Yeah probably. I'd be scared if I saw him like this. Emotion: big smile
RuslanaYeah probably. I'd be scared if I saw him like this.
There is no reason to be afraid of that. As I stated, if you watch a pack of dogs, when one of the subordinate dogs gets out of line, the pack leader does exactly what I described. The subordinate dog is usually not hurt at all, but is reminded of who's the boss. Emotion: muscle Emotion: wink
Ruslana (who knows, maybe one day I'll turn into a dog person lol).
Traitor! Emotion: big smile

but i completley agree with all thats said above,nothing he does has any harm to the dogs ,if he did the show would end up being sued for allowing it they probably have many vets and experts that cheack that themselves no tv channel is stupid enough to go down that road of abusing animals the person who wrote the article is most likley someone who feels like having a huff and puff to look important and blah blah blah... a dog can be put in its place and take orders from its pack leader but it cant fake joy and happyness to see someone and when ive watched it they seem happy enough to have him around to me not a sign of a badly treated animal Emotion: smile
Oughhh noo. Because of problems with the site and the browser I voted no and that is certainly not true. I watch it whenever I can. I'm impressed too, and I think he is great! And so are dogs. I find it intesting to learn more about them and about how to deal with them.
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