Some people are totally for it, and some are against. What side are you on and why?
It looks like a nice idea at first sight, but I wouldn't do it with my pet unless I am 1000% sure it's safe. Right now, I am not.
I wouldn't microchip it either - Poor thing!

(I would microchip other things, though - My keys, phone, wallet, etc.)
I'm something of a conspiracy theorist, soo....... I think it's just one small step forward to a microchipped population of people as well... what better way to keep track of everyone than to make them comply. maybe far into the future and I won't live to see it... but! it's already done in Mexico - the prisoners are microchipped
I had the inside of my cats ears tattooed because the vets have learned the chip moves around and many times animals get lost and humane societys can't see it and give the pets to someone else. It is cheaper for the tattoo and I did it when they were spade so were knocked out and it didn't seem to bother them when they came out from under..
There is not a choice here in New Zeland...... All dogs have to be done within 3 months... Cats no....
I had to microchip my cats because I had planned to take them to Dubai. They're very strict over there when it comes to importing animals.
Gizmo had been chipped when I got him, which I thought was cool because if he ever ran away and someone brought him to a vet, the chip would tell him where his owner lives Emotion: smile
good luck getting your pet back without a microchip. many people will have the dog scanned, then decide to keep the pet to keep it out of the shelter. a microchip could be their only ticket home. do some research on how many dogs in the shelter come in with no identifing info and get euthanized. i know for one, my dogs collar broke, the tag was on the collar and she got away. i spent over an hour looking for her and thank God she was microchipped bc that could have been my only saving grace. id highly reccommend doing this..